We exist to help your business
reach its full potential.


If your B2B sales results are struggling to achieve the financial goals that you have set, we can assist in improving your sales performance. We consult with you to understand the challenges you are facing and offer solutions via three distinct channels:

1) Sales Audit and Strategy Assessment

We undertake a detailed assessment of your sales team and its strategies by embedding an OBS team member to analyse every aspect of your sales function. Through this approach to assessment, we are able to gain strong insights from which we can make appropriate recommendations to improve outcomes and your team's performance.

2) Sales Leadership and Mentoring

We work one-on-one with your sales personnel to develop their abilities and confidence in B2B sales.

3) Outsourced Sales Solution

When a business wishes to grow its sales and market presence but does not have any sales personnel located on the ground to follow up opportunities or to service existing clients, we will be that resource for you. We will professionally and proudly represent your company, until the time is right for you to appoint your own internal sales person.

Step In – Step Out Solutions.