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Working Smarter, Not Harder

Small business owners all face the same challenges: a lack of time to get things done, and a lack of resourcing. If your goal is increased balance in your life and having more time to do the things you really want to be doing then there are some simple strategies that you can embrace to make this happen.

As an owner of a business that works closely with other small business owners, I wanted to share with you these ideas that can really make a difference.

Use of Templates

There are several tasks you are likely to do quite frequently, perhaps daily.  Examples include answering emails, responding to customer enquiries and sending out appointment confirmations.  Instead of wasting time answering the same questions, or doing the same tasks over and over, there are various templating tools that can be used, such as Google Docs.

Using Online Tools and Systems

A plethora of online tools exist that can help you get more done in less time – anything from sales and marketing, finance, ecommerce, to work flow and time management.  Embracing technology can significantly enhance your productivity.  A quick online search will reveal just what is available.

Streamline Your Bills

The financial part of running a small business can easily overwhelm the best of us. Streamlining your bills can make a noticeable difference in simplifying your life as a small business owner.  Consider signing up for paperless statements, creating automatic payments and bundling services.  This will not only reduce clutter, but will definitely save you time.

Outsource Tasks and Projects

As the owner of your own business, it is important that you focus on what you are good at, and where your time is best utilised – such as interacting with your clients, for example. 

It is not uncommon for small business owners to feel overwhelmed with so much to do, and not enough time or resourcing to make it happen.  Outsourcing allows you to draw on specialist skills to get the job done.  By channeling work to another who has the time, energy and expertise can be a real productivity driver for your business. 

Make a list of the tasks or projects that you know need to be done.  These may be things you have to do everyday, or, that you either don’t like or aren’t good at.  In addition, they may be specialized projects that, if implemented, can improve the performance of your business.

Outsourcing will not only save you time, but will free you up to strategise, network and connect with other people in your industry — all to move your business forward.


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