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Working Smarter, Not Harder Part 2

Earlier this year, I provided some time saving tips in my post Working Smarter, Not Harder. I now add a few more ideas for you to consider.

I am constantly amazed by how often I hear the expression – "I just don't have enough time".

For me, prioritising has proved to be a massive help, from which the creation of a weekly schedule has provided significant benefits. The right things get done at the right time.

Other actions that have created positive outcome include:


Stick to your strengths and delegate away your weaknesses. Often we feel that we have to take care of all aspects of our businesses for things to run smoothly – but this is just not true. Letting go or giving up control of certain things can be hard, but it can definitely be worth it. The opportunity cost of not doing so can be enormous and it comes down to the simple question "where is my time best spent?"

Get it in the calendar

If it's in my diary, it gets done. Colour coding tasks and activities is a useful tool and creates delineation between say personal time (which is important to be included in your calendar), client time, and training and education – for example. Being clear on why I am attending a meeting We all have sat through meetings and said to ourselves - "This is a waste of time". Time is precious and if attending a meeting is not going to serve any positive purpose for you or your business, say no. Your time can be put to better uses. Alternatively, if it is just not possible to get out of a meeting, ensure an agenda has been set, helping to keep the meeting focussed and agree that the meeting will be finished in a designated amount of time.

Saying no is okay

For many of us, our default position is to say yes. This may be the right response a lot of the time, but I am sure it is not the case all of the time. Remember this, on occasions when you don't want to say yes, but you do, you are really saying no to yourself. Is that crazy or what?

Working smarter is a lot better and easier than working harder. There are no excuses – it is up to each of us to know what is truly important to us and what our end goal is. Embracing some of these ideas just may make a difference to you.


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