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What do client surveys have to offer?

At Outsourced Business Solutions we have learnt that undertaking client surveys offers more than just a simple measurement of customer satisfaction levels. Depending on the questions asked, they could tap into a rich vein of views and insights that if acted upon, can be a real catalyst for business improvement. Other outcomes include:

Demonstrates an orientation towards client service

You can make it clear the survey is intended to improve the client experience.

Identification of growth opportunities

Your existing clients are your building blocks to increased revenue or new market expansion. At a critical juncture of your business you could ask the candid question "What should we do next?" By finding out where and what your clients' needs are, can help determine the future direction of your business.

A forum for clients to be heard

This works both ways. That is, it offers an opportunity for clients to express any dis-satisfaction and can illuminate where problems exist so that they can be rectified. Alternatively they can offer praise for things done well, offering validation on existing service standards and processes.

It shows that you care

Clients like to be asked for their feedback. It gives the client the impression that your company values them, is committed to keeping them as a long-term client and bases business decisions on their feedback.

For the above outcomes to be realised, selecting the right questions is crucial. Critically, what do you want to know and learn? Customer surveys offer a business the opportunity to choose which information it seeks from clients, and thus, these should be tailored accordingly.

Equally important is following up with clients post the survey to inform them what outcomes were created as a result of their feedback. For the client, it can make participation in the survey worthwhile and justifies why they took the time and trouble in the first place – typically because they care enough about your business so that you may be able to act upon the feedback to enable change, optimise solutions and ultimately the client experience.


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