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Too busy? It is time to become Productive!

In my travels, a sentiment that is often expressed by business owners is the frustration of just how time seems to be in short supply to do all that is required to be done, and the follow-on question then arises: “how can I change this situation?”

In the business world of today we are exposed to great pressure.  To name a few here, owners are expected to:

  • do more with less;
  • provide better services;
  • ensure better turnaround times;
  • deliver new products;
  • ensure pricing is right in an ever growing competitive market place;
  • manage staff;
  • market the business;
  • pay bills;
  • ensure compliance requirements are addressed; 

and the list goes on.

168 hours in the week just doesn’t seem to be enough in many cases.  Why is that so?

So how can I become more productive?

A good friend of mine, who I have known for a long time and runs a very successful financial planning practice in Perth, and who I have learnt a great deal from, exposed me to some key disciplines that arise out of three fundamentally simple questions: 

  • What is the best use of my time right now?
  • Is the time I spend on the task at hand contributing to my own progress or that of my company?
  • If I don’t do it now, what are the consequences, will anything suffer as a result? 

From there, I can then choose to:

  • do it;
  • dump it;
  • defer it; or 
  • delegate it.

This is now embedded in my own day-to-day and the results are powerful.  Through choice, I have created positive outcomes, including enhanced productivity.  I know they can for you as well and I would love to hear about your own experiences.


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