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Outsourced Business Solutions has just completed an assignment for a business client that involved undertaking an audit of its sales team and its approach to sales. In addition, a mentoring program was facilitated for the sales leaders of the organisation.

The pain point that led to this engagement was the business was struggling to achieve the revenue outcomes that it easily generated before the economic slowdown that has hit WA, largely based on the downturn in the resources industry, where may of its clients are sourced from.

Prior to the downturn, "sales walked in the door", and all the sales team had to do was service its client base. However, when things slowed down and the team was required to go pro-active, it found it was lacking capability in this regard.

The following captures some of the issues the business faced:

• Overall sales revenue were down across the business;

• The sales team did not have targets in place and therefore there was no way to measure success nor accountability to an outcome;

• The sales team lacked a framework to operate within;

• The sales team was always busy but the activities weren't reflected in sales outcomes. This is the classic, "busyness versus effectiveness" and an indicator that focus and effort was not in the right areas.

Although it had a dedicated business development team in place of competent professionals with strong technical and market knowledge, the slowdown presented new challenges for this team. Certainly, this was not through lack of enthusiasm, dedication or commitment, but rather through a lack of know-how and sales craft. Getting more from existing clients or developing new opportunities proved elusive.

The business wanted to improve results but wasn't sure of the best approach.

To the management's credit, they recognised this was unsustainable for the business and were prepared to embrace a third party solution and invest in a sales team development solution offered by OBS.

The sales audit revealed where there were gaps in process and approach, and the subsequent mentoring worked on developing capability based on the findings of the audit.

A good way to highlight the effectiveness of the OBS contribution in enhancing the capability of the sales team is to shine a light on a key fact: the size of the market in which the business sources its clients has compressed by 30%, yet sales revenue compared to previous corresponding period was maintained.

More importantly the foundations of ongoing sustainable sales success have been embedded. This is due to the incorporation of a sales approach and framework deliberately selected for this business.

In times of difficult market conditions, what are you doing to ensure you give your sales team the best shot at success?

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